I began changing my nutrition over 15 years ago, not only was I able to lose weight but I was able to completely change how I felt. Then, when I became a mama I began to think about not only what goes in our body with our nutrition but also what goes in our body topically and even from the air. I began searching for better products, trying multiple different brands and realizing they were still loaded with harsh chemicals or they just did not work.

Finally, in 2014, I found Young Living. It was completely by accident. You see, we had experienced a really difficult emotional moment with my son. His mama regularly shared that they had these struggles but they never happened when he was with us. This triggered me to begin educating myself more about how God made him. As I read about high functioning autism I cried, I began to understand. I also saw my husband and at least 1 of my daughters. This was so hard. My husband had tried many medications and was really uncomfortable with his son taking them. He really did not want his daughters on medication if at all possible. Shortly after this experience, a girlfriend of mine posted about essential oils. I reached out and she came to hang out and shared what she was learning. That very night I had my very own set of oils in my house. We were blessed and saw an immediate change and began switching over many of our other products. I love that I can trust Young Living's products to be safe for our family.  This has been a game-changer for our emotional and physical wellness. 

Have you heard of bioaccumulation? It's the build-up of toxins in your body that happens a little at a time. The more it happens, the harder it is for your body to expel. The harder it is to expel, the harder your body has to work to function at it's best. I know I want to function at my best.


My hope & prayer is that I can help others become toxin-free so they can live more vibrant and full lives. 

To chat more about how you can get started with living a toxic-free life, text the words TOXIN FREE to 612.517.3814 From there we will talk about how you can simply begin the process of ditching your harsh chemically based products over to non-toxic products that work.