YLEO Testimony Tuesday

I don't know about you - but we occasionally suffer through snoring in our house!

This only happens when my wonderful hubby is overtired. Now, I think you can agree that most of us, don't sleep well next to someone who snores. Amiright? AND... we definitely do not want to try to roll them over, wear earplugs, or worse yet sleep on the couch!

SO - this my friends, is what I do - I grab my Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, I rub a drop on my hands, rub my hands all over the pillow around him and along his temples and ears. Ok AND I rub my hands like crazy all over his head - LOL. Within minutes he stops! Easy Peasy! A bonus to this is that my hubby wakes up well rested!

To me this is worthy of a - Thank You Jesus!

Each of us responds differently to oils and so other oils may work better for you.

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