There is more than meets the eye

Hey there friends.

For quite some time I have felt God impressing on me to become completely raw. I have worked hard to become more transparent, more authentic, when I share my life with others. You see, I went thru a season where only the good, the positive, the inspiring was on social media. I was naturally joyful and positive most of the time, in person and on the web, but when I wasn't, I put on a face. Yet the truth is, I'm a relatively open book. If you ask me, I'll often tell you, or tell you pieces.

I was once told 'Don't let them see the bad, no one wants to follow someone who is negative'. That statement is full of lies and truth. I knew I was created to lead, that I wanted to inspire but in that season of life I didn't know who to share my hard, my suffering, my pain, with the world and still inspire others. I didn't and still do not want a pity party or anyone to feel bad for me or my family. I do however want others to feel as though they can connect, see the real me, and be inspired by God through my stories. I want to tell my story so others can feel like they are not the only one, so others feel heard, so others feel seen, mostly so God can use me.

Over the coming months I have so much to share. It's honestly overwhelming. I have no idea how raw God is going to ask me to be. I do know that I will share things I am embarrassed about. I will share some things that may cause others to judge me or my family. Thankfully I know who I am in Christ. I know where we are today because of these moments. God maybe didn't plan those moments but He has used them for His good.

So what journeys am I going to share - here's a glimpse?

Obedience and almost losing everything - Bankruptcy, the verge of foreclosure, and coming out the other side.

Living with and supporting those on the spectrum. Not just one person... The exhaustion that comes with embracing who God made them to be.

The roller coaster of marriage.

The journey of contentment.

Being in waiting.

Obedience of each step God shows you.

Learning that the plan you had in your head is way different than what God is showing you.


The sacrifice that comes with it all.

Friends, my hope is that as I share these stories, you see Jesus. That as you learn about our life imperfections you see how God and love overcame it all. You see if I focus on Him, I can overcome anything. If I focus on the world, I will continue to fall deeper and deeper.

Many Blessings to you.


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