The HARD...

Life is EASY

Living is HARD

Often times in our head we think that when we obey what God is telling us to do that it will be all peachy keen… Well that is the farthest thing from the truth! BUT hard work brings great reward.

You see – it’s simple

Love God

Love People


Easy enough right? WRONG!

Well – maybe with the day to day mundane, BUT not with the scary stuff! It’s when the cost seems too high that we tend to give up, turn away, and not follow what He has laid out before us.

The reality is though that if we KEEP ON KEEPING ON and we don’t give up we will finish His Purpose with Grace. We will be a part of something WAY bigger than we ever knew possible.

So – it’s time to let go of the petty crap, pull up our big girl/boy pants and do our best in our current circumstances.

Each day I wake up and have to remind myself that ALL the pressure in my life right now is only going to make me MORE of WHO I am meant to be because of WHO I belong to.

What’s so hard you say?? It doesn’t matter as this looks different for all of us and we all have our private struggles. What matters is that we push thru no matter what.

My family is currently on a path of following yet having NO idea where He is taking us or HOW we will finish. Thriving on Faith 1 step at a time – and that is ok.

What am I learning from it all?

  1. Stay in the Word – a given

  2. PRAY, Pray, pray – out loud with your others (spouse, kids), really just ALL the time.

  3. Affirmations, affirmations – over and over

  4. Worship in ALL you do

  5. Listen to motivational things (youtube, podcasts etc…)

  6. Don’t Ignore the things you don’t want to deal with

  7. Be more straight forward

  8. Ask for help

  9. Give yourself Grace

  10. Remove JUNK – get rid of the distractions and clutter in your life.

There really is so much more – I could go on and on. I remind myself day to day that God is GOOD! He is merciful and no matter the HARD you are going through, He loves you. He holds you and will carry you through it all. Lean on Him and keep on pushing through.

How can I pray for you today?

Be Blessed!

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