Progress in Embracing Grace

June 22, 2020

I am sitting here trying to determine if I have even made any progress in my life when it comes to releasing perfection and embracing the Lord’s grace. This is the struggle of perfectionism. We look at ourselves and sometimes just can’t see where we are succeeding.  Our expectations are so high we never ever meet them, and so in our minds, we are not doing well. Even though that is not the truth. 

Today I made a new friend through a group I am in on Facebook. It was totally a God thing and we ended up talking on the phone for a good hour. In our conversation, I was reminded that Satan will use our need for perfection to keep us from seeing, doing, going… You see wherever we allow him to sneak in, he will use it. 

In what ways are you being held back because of your fear of things being not quite right yet?

In what ways are you not seeing what you are doing well? 

My challenge to you - turn that around! Seek the truth.

For me...

When I can’t see what’s good or things feel mundane - I slow… I stop, or I feel discouraged because there’s no momentum or fire.

I tend to look at my behavior and look at what was wrong with it vs what was good. 

So instead, I no longer allow the bad mom days to destroy me and snowball into another bad mom day. 

I am learning to DO even if it’s not quite right yet. 

I am learning to look at how I handle things and tell myself what was good about it. I also look at the things I didn't like and look at how I can do better instead of beat myself up.

This doesn’t mean I lower my standards to grow and become more like Christ.  It does mean that I choose to be still with Christ while I work through the junk. 

Remember, He loves you no matter what. Freedom comes from accepting His love completely. 

Much Love,


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