Patience = Love

Patience = Love

My rambling thoughts…

Patience my dear friends…

Why is it so hard?

Well, to be blunt about it – many of us that struggle with patience have high expectations of others and we do NOT like it when those expectations are not met. This being said we also do not do well with those that come across as lacking in the common sense area or those who just don’t seem to get it.

BUT, what does that say about us?

Where is our grace?

Where is our compassion?

Where is our LOVE?

I truly believe that the gift of patience comes from love. AND where does REAL Love come from? Christ! SO, if we are filling ourselves with God’s Word; taking the time to talk to Him; taking the time to listen to Him; and applying what He is teaching us…. AND allow Him to fill us up with His love.

Don’t you think patience will come right along with it?


It’s not! BUT it is!

You see, faith comes from hearing, hearing comes from the Word, AND what is faith without good works? It all goes hand in hand. Applying patience is the choice of applying God’s love. Applying your faith to each and every situation you encounter.

As I prayed about this topic and how to approach it, God kept directing me back to an experience I had years ago… I have this wonderful friend who can hold me accountable in a way that is direct yet completely full of love. One day she heard me pray out loud as I was struggling with my toddlers “Lord, please give me patience.” Wanna know what she said? “Amanda, don’t ask Him to give you something He has already gifted you with.”

So, He’s already given you patience. It’s your choice if you decide to claim that it is yours. Take authority over it and believe it is yours.

How can you do this?

Start here:

1. Read this scripture:

Love is patient, Love is kind ~ 1 Corinthians 13:4a

2. Replace Love with your name or “I”

I am patient, I am kind

3. Speak this, believe it, claim it, thank Him for it

“Father God, I thank You for your Love and that you have given me patience. I thank You that thru you I can look at each situation I encounter and trust in you. Help me to look to You and the acknowledge You in everything. I thank you that I can approach these moments with love and with patience. God, You are patient and You are kind and so I know that thru the strength You give me I am patient and I am kind. In Jesus Name I pray Amen”

In conclusion – I was once told by a past mentor of mine – “The devil cannot hear your thoughts, BUT he can see your actions”. Speaking what you believe out loud shows Satan that you will stand against him by choosing to walk with Jesus. If you can’t say it loud, whisper it… but claim it by speaking it!

You’ve got this!


Cause HE has your back!

He loves you!

Many blessings my friends!

*Kim, Thank you for your friendship and for touching my life in ways that have brought me closer to Jesus. I love you!

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