OilyLife Newsletter - March 2019

Happy March! The month of all things green and Spring!  In this newsletter you will find a note from me, a list of upcoming events, some Essential Rewards excitement going on, a DIY Recipe & Diffuser Recipe; Supplement Highlight; Essential Oil Highlight; and either a: Personal Care, Savvy Highlight, or Household Highlight. Oh and of course the info on the Monthly PV Promotion. I hope you find this information helpful!  

Note from Amanda

Happy March!  Can you believe it? Spring is going to be here before we know it! Here in MN it feels like it isn't coming. My kids & I have begun to leave home without socks and coats because we are done with winter.  Diffusing all kinds of happy oils around here! 

So sorry it took me a bit longer to get this out to you all. I just needed to take some time to just be this last weekend.

We have begun month 3 of homeschool and added another piece of curriculum. I am learning a lot about myself and my kids as always.  It is consuming me a bit. My most recent step wass setting aside a day to do school prep each week so I can make sure all runs smoothly. It will all come together. Our next step is really getting our school space put together. I've set up something temporary to keep it off my dining room table for now. 

If you follow along her, you will soon find some series on each of the Premium Starter Kits - Oil, Ningxia, Thieves, and Savvy. This will take about 4 months to complete but I plan to begin them before the month is out. I am hoping this will be a helpful tool for you in case you have people in your life interested in a journey of wellness with oils. I'm writing all kinds of other stuff over there too! 

Finally, I'd love to visit with you. Feel free to text or call me at 612.517.3814 or 320.431.9251. I'd love to chat with you about anything and everything. I'm serious, I'd love to get to know you, pray for you and help you in any way I can. 

Much Love & Many blessings,


What's happening - Cornerstone Life Essentials with Amanda

I thought I'd add this in here in case you're not tuned in. This is the type of education we are covering in the Facebook group. I love being able to give you information to empower you to help you continue to transform your wellness.  Most of all I love having a place that is all about community. Please feel free to post your own stories, questions and more. This is a place where we are better together! 

We are Better Together

Speaking of being better together! This is something fun I thought we'd try. All your posts, pictures, comments, count towards this fun little give away. I have this months and April's gifts already set to go! They just need a person! I will take the top 10 contributors to our group at the end of each group to do a drawing on April 5th! 

Need access to our Facebook Group? You can request to join here: Cornerstone Life Essentials with Amanda Meyer

Clean & Fresh

If you didn't know Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint, also known as LLP is well known for being our seasonal discomfort friend. If you struggle with those icky discomforts that come with changing seasons you need to try this. Try it in your diffuser, make a roller, or grab your vitality and make a capsule. This concoction will be your friend with all the 'stuff' flying through the air. 

Thieves Laundry Soap Hack

I know I have shared this via Facebook BUT I have to share it again! This laundry soap bottle may be small friends BUT it goes a long long way. Especially if you do the Hack! What's that?  Buy these bottles from Amazon: Bottles dump 1/3 of the laundry soap in each bottle, add 2 or 3 caps of Thieves Household Cleaner, fill with distilled water, and shake. OH! You could also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils if you want too! Plus the label comes right off your laundry soap bottle so you can place it on the pump bottle! Pump 1 Pump of soap into your machine and away you go - now you get 3 bottles out of 1! 

Jennifer Spanier - Divinely Sp'oil'ed

Have you met Jennifer? She is one of our awesome uplines! She has become one of my dearest friends, I am so grateful for her! The relationships I have built in the oily world are so great. Jen has been one of the people who has seen me through my highs and lows. 

Are you in her group? She posts all kinds of awesome education! Always something new happening in that group and so much great conversation! We are Better Together Friends! Hit up the Link above to request to join. 

She just finished her Camp Flourish retreat! I wish I would have been there. I went last April and it was so fantastic! She learns and makes it better each time. 

Next month, I'll share about another upline and their group! 

Essential Rewards 

There is so much goodness happening when you enroll, re-enroll, or make an Essential Rewards purchase this month! You guys this optional program has given back to me so much! I currently have 225 PV points to use for FREE product!! I'm waiting for warmer weather to get my Ningxia Red.

Jennifer's goes until the end of the year to earn a chance at $1000 in product. This is how I won my Aria diffuser in 2014 you guys!! 1. become an essential rewards member or already be one  2. Change or set your process date be on or BEFORE the 20th of the month  *Every month you process a qualifying ER order (100pv minimum) and your date is set for on or before the 20th your name goes in the drawing for the gift basket filled with Divinely Spoiled favorites!  More details in her group. 

Nancy's is for March 2019.  1st time enrolling? Oil Case Re-Enrolling? - Gemstone Roller Set & Recipes You do need to fill out a Google form for tracking. Message me!

My Mystery Gift is for March 2019 & I'll have a new 1 in April. All enrollments count. 

To Learn all about Essential Rewards Basics Go Here: ER UNIT To go way in depth Go Here: DS ER UNIT

As we head into spring - I hope! -  We want to be prepared and get ourselves some Insect Repellent! This stuff is AMAZING! I love it! It is an oil base and so for easy application I ordered 30ml roller bottles off of Amazon to place this in. Smaller size for on the go. Roll On and Rub in - super easy! 

More of the DIY person? Try taking your current DIY recipe and replace the water & grain alcohol with Fractionated Coconut Oil this year. 

These are 2 of the most used products in our house! I get in trouble if we get too close to running out of this toothpaste. It took me a while to adjust and I actually used the Dentarome Ultra Plus for a long time. My husband has a super sensitive mouth and this toothpaste is his all time fave! 

Add a drop of Orange Vitality (which comes free at 100PV on ER this month) to your toothbrush when brushing your teeth with any Thieves Toothpaste and watch your teeth sparkle even more in time. 

I love the mouthwash. It really is powerful. I dilute it down half way. Some people make 3 out of it and add some orange or peppermint vitality to it. So many options friends! 

Last month I shared an interview with miss Rotasha right here on the blog. If you haven't checked it out, please do. This gal knows her stuff and she is so lovely. Her personality is just beautiful. Her oily story and Savvy story are full of truth and just so amazing. She really is a delight! 

Embracing Savvy with Rotasha Williams

Spring Cleaning Companions

March 2019 PV PROMO

Ready to dive into some spring cleaning?

Young Living is—and we have naturally derived, scrub-ready cleaning companions for the job!

Place your qualifying order and receive a bottle of Thieves® Household Cleaner and YL-branded microfiber towels, both great for making household surfaces sparkle.

Tackle germs with Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap and let Thieves® Dish Soap oversee the after-meal cleanup.

Clean an entire sink with Thieves Veggie wash and have it last so much longer!

✔️ Orange Vitality: add a drop to your toothbrush for extra whitening power!  ✔️ Thieves Dish Soap: double this bottle by using a foaming hand soap dispenser and water ✔️ Thieves: freshen the air with this oil in your diffuser ✔️ Foaming Hand Soap: use this gentle cleaner to clean your makeup brushes!  ✔️ Fruit/Veg Soak: one cap in an entire sink of produce = lasts FOREVER ✔️ Kunzea: stinky shoes? stinky armpits? Kunzea is an excellent odor killer! ✔️Thieves Household Cleaner. The best and only cleaner you'll ever need and by far the cheapest you'll find!

I try to always post my own videos or other's great education about the promo items over the 1st week or so in our Facebook group. You can be added here: .

Make sure your notifications are turned on to All Posts to be notified. Also if you go the Announcements in that group you will find a post where I post links to other's education on these products. 

Well that concludes all the info... And friends... I'm praying I didn't miss any grammar or spelling issues. Please know how grateful I am for you and that I am here for you on this journey called Life! Much Love to you!

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