OilyLife Newsletter - February 2019

Happy February 2019!

The month of LOVE! 

In this newsletter you will find a note from me, an update on EO infused CBD; a DIY Recipe & Diffuser Recipe; Supplement Highlight; Essential Oil Highlight; and either a: Personal Care, Savvy Highlight, or Household Highlight. Oh and of course the info on the Monthly PV Promotion. I hope you find this information helpful!  

Note from Amanda

Happy February!  Wow! I cannot believe we are 1 month into the year and possibly 1 month away from Spring! Although, here in MN we are showing NO signs of that happening. 

I really believe 2019 is going to be an amazing year. I am already seeing God's fruit in so many ways in our family's life. I have to often remind myself that there is goodness in every single season. Our circumstances to no reflect His goodness or His favor. 

As I sit here writing to you, I am about to get on a coaching call with a new client and I am so excited friends. I took a break for quite some time from this as our family worked through 1 of the hardest times we've been through and I am so excited to be back doing 1 of the things He has called me to do. 

I am also so blessed to have my daughters home with me! We are really enjoying what comes with homeschooling - most of the time.

Essential Oil Infused CBD Oil! 

This is SO Exciting!  Many people have found great pain relief or help with anxiety or other mental health concerns using CBD and now Young Living has partnered with Natures Ultra to provide essential oil infused CBD. You can access all their information, education and purchase products here: Natures Ultra

It's exciting to see that all their items except the unflavored items are infused with Essential Oils. Young Living has gone to extensive lengths to make sure their farms meet our Seed to Seal Guidelines even though they are not Seed to Seal Certified. You can learn all about that here: YLs CBD FAQ

Because this is all with a 3rd party company, you will not find anything on the YL website and you will not receive PV. 

Spring Breeze

I don't know about you but I am beginning to get anxious for spring. It's been so cold here in MN. I really look forward to the day I can open up my windows and freshen up the house. This diffuser blend is great for refreshing the air in your home. As I tidy or begin spring cleaning this may just be the recipe I throw in my diffusers. 


Our DIY Recipe for February is an easy roller recipe. The Gotta Be Calm Roller. This is one I would grab when I feel the feisty frustration begin to bubble... roll it on as I whisper to Jesus.... 

Ylang Ylang is distilled from the delicate flower from the Ylang Ylang Tree. These flowers need to be picked by hand you because of how delicate they are.  

Ylang Ylang has moisturizing properties & so it is very good for your skin &hair. It also has wonderful properties that give emotional support. Oh and it can even help your love life!

Personally I have used this oil for calming, grounding properties as well as for personal romance blends. 

Ylang Ylang is FREE at 400 PV and it has been out of stock since last year! 

Super Cal Plus™ was created to offer more than just calcium and minerals—it is a true bone-health supplement. It has a blend of calcium, magnesium. vitamin D, vitamin K and other trace minerals. Did you know that calcium and magnesium are sister supplements? This means they need each other to be best absorbed in the body. Or that's what my old chiropractor told me when I was pregnant with Orion. 

To learn more about the importance of bone health and having the proper supplement for you bones, check out Lindsey Elmore's blog post here: Lindsey Elmore - Bone Health

I absolutely love this toner and know many others who do as well.

I know I know I said I'm not so great at this stuff... This last me forever because I forget to use it, or I go in and out of seasons. BUT when I use it consistently it is amazing for my skin. I love how gentle and refreshing it is!

Who Should Use ART® Refreshing Toner? • Those who want a natural product to support healthy-looking skin • Individuals seeking support for a more youthful appearance

When is the best time to use your toner? After you cleanse and exfoliate

Here's some great info I learned a while back at Melissa's Beauty School:  "The ideal pH level of your skin is about 5.5. AFter you cleanse and exfoliate, your face could take up to 1 hr to restore its natural pH. A good toner will immediately restore your pH balance, remove all remaining impurities, shrink pores to their original size, and prepare your skin for moisturizers."

ART Purifying Toner is especially effective at keeping environmental debris and pollutants to a minimum. It also increases blood circulation to give your skin a healthy glow"

Here is a complete document from YL with more info on this great skin care item:

Ok, So I know this photo is silly... but I'd rather take a silly selfie than try and create the perfect smiling selfie... Truth. 

But the point of this picture is to share a bit of Savvy Minerals. I am wearing 100% Savvy Minerals here. That is all I wear now.

So here's the deal though -  I was out of bronzer for contouring - if you do that thing.... So, I totally just mixed 3 eye shadows - determined, residual, and best kept secret to create a color I needed. This makeup is soooooo incredibly versatile!  It is incredibly easy to just make your own colors... to be creative. 

What's the worst that can happen? You need to wash your face?

Keep an eye on the blog as I will be posting a great Interview Post with my friend Rotasha about her journey with Oils and Savvy Minerals!

Be Your Own Valentine

🌿400PV 🌸15 ml Ylang Ylang 🌸 5ml Purification AND 5ml Palo Santo  15ml Cypress 60 Count Super Cal Plus  ER Bonus 5ml Marjoram  ER Bonus 5ml Clove Vitality

🌿300PV 5ml Purification AND 5ml Palo Santo  15ml Cypress 60 Count Super Cal Plus  ER Bonus 5ml Marjoram  ER Bonus 5ml Clove Vitality

🌿250PV 15ml Cypress 60 Count Super Cal Plus  ER Bonus 5ml Marjoram  ER Bonus 5ml Clove Vitality

🌿190PV 60 Count Super Cal Plus  ER Bonus 5ml Marjoram  ER Bonus 5ml Clove Vitality

🌿100PV ER Bonus 5ml Clove Vitality

Get all the details (info and video) here:…/o…/promotions/monthly-pv-promo

I try to always post my own videos or other's great education about the promo items over the 1st week or so in our Facebook group. You can be added here . Make sure your notifications are turned on to All Posts to be notified. Also if you go the Announcements in that group you will find a post where I post links to other's education on these products. 

Well that concludes all the info... And friends... I'm praying I didn't miss any grammar or spelling issues. Please know how grateful I am for you and that I am here for you on this journey called Life!

Much Love to you! XOXO


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