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Happy January 2019! Another New Year is here! In this newsletter you will find a note from me, some info on an upcoming product launch; a DIY Recipe & Diffuser Recipe; Supplement Highlight; Essential Oil Highlight; and either a Personal Care, Savvy Highlight, or Household Highlight. Oh and of course the info on the Monthly PV Promotion. I hope you find this information helpful!

Note from Amanda

I hope this newsletter finds you in a place of renewal, refreshment and growth. God seems to constantly be teaching me something. I have admitted repeatedly how I have a tendency to take on more than I can handle. I am working hard at asking God what His yes is for me because boy, even if our motives are good, it isn’t always the right thing for us to spend our time on. Our holiday season around here was busy yet quieter than past years. A lot of mixed emotions went a long with that. There was however much JOY. Over the last few months I have been doing some Virtual Assistant work so that I didn’t have to continue working out side the home. This has been a blessing and a learning opportunity at the same time. I am still doing this but it is quieting down and the Lord is definitely showing me where to place my time.

We are beginning the journey of transitioning to homeschooling – something I never thought I would do. And I am back to focusing on my passion for coaching people to embrace their imperfect life so they can live joyfully radiant lives.

We begin a lot of appointments for Emma soon to help us along this journey of empowering her to learn to be a spiritually, emotionally, mindful, and strong adult someday.

So thankful for our oils with ALL.OF.THIS!

Faith & Essential Oils are so huge for our personal journey.

I am so grateful for all of you. I am blessed to be a resource to you, a teacher for you, and a coach for you. Because you are a part of my oily family, I am here to help you grow on your overall wellness and life journey – we just need to set up a call or video chat.

I am also here to empower you to embrace Young Living as a lifestyle. We are so much more than oils. Getting rid of the harsh chemicals is important for your wellness...

And finally I am blessed to partner with some of you to help you share your love for a toxin free, and oily lifestyle.

I am definitely not a perfect resource or leader but I am committed to loving you and supporting you just like I do my family.

Many blessings,


Essential Oil Infused CBD Oil!

This is SO Exciting! My mama has been using CBD for some time and swears by what it does for her! I know when I have given her Copaiba for her days of discomfort & she has also used her CBD she has found incredible relief! They are different yet have some similar properties. Check our more info here on Lindsey Elmore's Blog: CBD vs Copaiba I'm excited to now have a CBD I can feel comfortable trying because I know and trust the company. This CBD will be "Seed to Seal essential-oil infused (derived from organic hemp) non-THC CBD." AND I am excited to use in conjunction with my essential oils!

Did you know that President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing Hemp and CBD on federal level. Who benefits from CBD Oil? Those who may need any extra support to maintain healthy pain levels, healthy moods, emotions, appetite, coordination, and movement, as well as a help maintaining a stronger immune system. So UM! Everyone right? Can you get high on CBD? NO - it does not contain THC which is the constituent that gets you high. Is it safe? To date there are not records indicating otherwise. No records of abuse or recreational use. No records of dependency...

Oh Happy Day

With Citrus Fresh being one of our PV Promo Oils this month I thought it was a perfect time to reintroduce you to this fun & happy combination I put together a while back. It's so fun to play and try putting different oils together in my diffuser or a roller. For this blend you will use 3 drops of Joy and 7 drops of Citrus Fresh! ENJOY!

PanAway Essential Oil

I thought PanAway would be a great oil to highlight with CBD being launched - Oh & it's free at 300PV! This oil is so wonderful for soothing your muscles after that new year better you work out. It's great for massaging onto your neck after a long stressful day. It's great to massage on your body for any occasional muscles or joint discomfort.

Life 9 is one of the supplements I have taken most consistently over the last 3 years. I have always struggled with a happy tummy and happy digestion. This supplement taken before bed at night as been such a wonderful help! Life 9 has 17 billions LIVE cultures of good bacteria & 9 different probiotics. It is essential in my life for supporting my gut health! Did you know? Having a healthy gut is imperative for maintaining healthy emotions and a strong immune system... plus more! Everything goes back to your gut! OH! Life 9 is FREE with the PV promo this month too!

Instead of highlighting one product this month I'm keeping it general. Did you even know you could get shampoo, lotion, soap bars, deodorant, & skin care? Honest - do I use them all? No I do not, for example I do not use the deodorant - after I had O, it just didn't work for me. I love the shampoo and conditioner and there are great hacks for making last a long time! My favorite personal care product is the lavender lotion. My skin loves it so so much!

Take Charge of Your Life!

I love that Young Living has included items for gut health, for mood, for muscles, and for overall body support! 100PV - Essential Rewards Bonus - 5ml Digize Vitality 190PV - Life 9 Essential Rewards Bonus - 15ml Citrus Fresh Essential Rewards Bonus - 5ml DiGize Vitality 250PV - 15ml Longevity Life 9 Essential Rewards Bonus - 15ml Citrus Fresh Essential Rewards Bonus - 5ml DiGize Vitality 300PV - 5ml PanAway 15ml Longevity Life 9 Essential Rewards Bonus - 15ml Citrus Fresh Essential Rewards Bonus - 5ml DiGize Vitality I will be posting videos about these items over the next week or so in our Facebook group. You can be added here: Cornerstone Life Essentials. Make sure you notifications are turned on to All Posts to be notified. Also if you go the Announcements in that group you will find a post where there are lots of links to other's education on these products.

Well that concludes all the info... And friends... I'm praying I didn't miss any grammar or spelling issues. Please know how grateful I am for you and that I am here for you on this journey called Life!

Much Love to you!

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