Life, Faith & Oils with Cheryl

First off... I should say it is so weird listening to myself talk on a recording! What you are about to read in the next 12 minutes was a 44 minute interview friends! I loved and enjoyed every single moment with this oily friend of mine!

A: Chery, I am so excited to have you be a part of the interview series I am doing! To get us started would you just tell our readers a bit about you? What makes up Cheryl?

C: Well a little bit about me, I am a wife to an amazing man, I have 2 wonderful and beautiful daughters. Georgia is 19 & in college. Jillian is 13. I love being with people. I love having people around me for any reason. And I love being able to help people through anything. I am currently working on being kind of blunt as well as allow others to be blunt with me on what I may need to work on.

A: Cool! So since our focus today is how to utilize oils in our faith. Before we get into your oily life, tell me a bit about your Jesus walk or Faith journey. Like for me it's basically been my entire life with the roller coasters. What does that look like for you?

C: I guess I've always believed God was there. Just always knew that in the back of my mind. Yet in the beginning of my life things were questionable. Like "Where was He during this moment?". And there were times I attended church but I wasn't understanding what I was getting. And then about 5 years ago I was standing in church and had this Ah Hah moment, where I finally understood what I had been taught and that God loved me. That's when I really started pouring into Him and asking Him how to deal with this and that. So it's been about 5 years of accepting that I am not alone. It's been absolutely amazing. It's amazing how I can be asking God for things and He will guide me and when I don't listen how He kind of knocks me on my butt and reminds me what He said to do. So that has been really awesome. I've always believed but it was an ah ha moment that was 5 years ago where I finally really understood.

A: That heart change

C: Yeah

A: I always think of the story of Jonah and how he did not want to do what God told him to do. Look at how that panned out. It's interesting in life when we are waiting how we get in the way and do. I just ordered a book called "The Sacred Yes" which is about guiding us to hear His yes vs mine. I'm excited because I'm personally in this place where His yes is different than my yes and surrendering to that. When I read Jesus Calling to the girls the other day it said something like this "You see that mountain over there. Keep your eyes on it, that is where I am taking you. Even if it seems like I am turning you away from it sometimes. Don't worry it will all come together to get you there." I just sobbed as I read it to them. I needed that so bad.

C: Right

A: That's so cool because it's roughly 5 years ago since I meant you and I've always known you to love Jesus.

A: Ok, so what I'd really love to hear next is your oily story. Especially since that's how we got connected. What was that moment for you that made you say "oils are for me, oils are for my family" and how has that been a transformation for you guys?

C: Um, I think it was 7 almost 8 years ago. I knew about the oils and I was like "that's crazy" I didn't believe any of it. But then I had a sick child in my house and I was like this isn't working anymore because my child was craving over the counter cherry medicine. That just wasn't ok so I called up Nancy and was like "bring me your weird stuff" and that night she came over oiled my child up, got me started, got me on essential rewards right away, and scheduled my first class. I had no idea what was going on. I had no idea what she was doing to me LOL. But I had 4 or 5 people enroll at that first class. During that time the transition our family went through and what the oils were able to do for our family in calming all of us during some emotional times. The girls were the new kids at school & the neighborhood and as a mom I would think "What can I do for them" and I knew I could go to my oils. If I have put effort into my oils, they have worked for me. Sometimes you have to figure that out a bit. I remind myself and other people - Oils are not a one draw thing. You get out what you put in. If you do your research you will find what works for you. And that's with anything in life. There isn't one answer for everything.

A: Right, if you use them and be consistent they will work for you. I love that. Oils are not a cure all. They are a tool in our toolbox. I heard an example once about physical therapy - those exercises are not meant to make your body work or feel better by doing them once, you must continue to do them. The same goes with oils. The more we use them the better we will respond. We can't lose 25lbs by exercising and eating healthy for one day, we must be consistent and keep on doing those healthy things. The more you do it, the better your body responds.

C: The same goes with your faith. We can ask God for things but sometimes His answer is a year, 2 years, or maybe way later. And then we get to say "Ah that's why". God doesn't always answer us the way we expect. But... we need to keep going with our faith. Our oils are the same, sometimes they don't work for us like we want them to, but we have to keep going, keep trying. Finding what it is that works for us.

A: Over Christmas time our Pastor did kind of a history lesson type series. I'll be honest I struggled to absorb much those weeks cuz I'm just not wired like that. BUT I did absorb this - There was 400 years of silence between the old and new testament and when God is quiet, He is busy working out all the details for the things that are to come. There is so much beauty in that. Yet, so often when God is silent, we struggle, We can't handle the quiet, the still, and we end up getting in Gods way because we need to do and we mess things up. So thankful for grace, that's for sure.

A: Ok so, next question and we're not even half way through. I knew conversation would happen. LOL. You know this. I love Jesus, it's about doing things All for Jesus. Every time I think about my why in life, it comes to Jesus - that's where I cry. I want people to know Jesus. I'm so grateful I get to do this. And over the last few years being able to add the oils into my faith journey, that is so huge. I know I have definitely had experiences where the oils have really enhanced my worship, prayer or study experiences. I love that they help me be completely there, surrendered, no inhibitions, just completely with Jesus. So, I would really love to hear how you have incorporated the oils into your worship, church, or bible study time & journey?

C: I guess sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it or that I even think about it consciously but there is definitely times where I know I am weak. I am needing helping with sin, needing to be quiet and that is when I think I lean into my oils the most. I'm lucky enough to have quiet time to myself. That's when I just sit at the table and just inhale the oils. Often times it's Oola Faith or Frankincense is definitely a go to. When things are the hardest I go to Myrrh. Just being able to clear my mind so I can listen. Sometimes we don't hear because we are not listening.

A: Right

C: And It doesn't have to be a specific oil, it's about the intention of what you are doing with it. We don't always get to hear what we want to hear, usually we don't hear what we want to hear. Sometimes we hear but then we don't know what to do with it. And that's a whole other process.

A: Right. So there was this little wise lady in one of my bible studies who said to us gals once "are you really trusting God if you keep running to Him with the same thing over and over?"

C: Wow

A: So... I have been working on this. I know many times in my life God has planted seeds for things repeatedly until I get it, until I hear Him. I'm learning that when I am unsure to be clear in prayer with Him. "Ok God, I need a concrete answer in this, I need it to be abundantly clear, I do not want to question if this is what You want, I want to know it's what you want of me." And then I wait and take time to listen, because He will always show me. And it seems to be so much more clear when I use my oils in these situations. It's crazy. I am able to shut down the squirrels for listening & stillness. Listening is definitely something that many people tend to struggle with.

C: That listening portion is really the study part of it. being able to have a quiet mind, not a quiet surrounding, but a quiet mind. We were just talking at church about how your spiritual, emotional, and physical all go together. So when you are lacking in your spiritual world, you will not feel well emotionally and physically.

A: Yes, this has been a topic at our church too.

C: It is seeming like a lot of people are like "Oh yeah, that's why..." Those moments are so important.

A: Our spiritual self grounds all the other things. My pastor recently said "You can know how well you are spiritually by your fruit, so how's your fruit?"

C: Oh Wow!

A: I know I was like um yeah, I could definitely be more patient, more loving, more kind, have more self control. I love when you get something that makes you wow!

C: mhmm yeah

A: Ok, so what's the first oil you grab when you have to be intentional? You know, in those moments you said you are weak and you are like "Lord I need You". I know you said frankincense before.

C: Frankincense is definitely my oil, hands down. I use it on a daily basis. I feel like God is just a part of that bottle. Just holding that bottle and talking to God is always sacred time. There's no rhyme or reason.

A: It's just the one you lean to?

C: Right. Like, it just jumps off the shelf at me. definitely frankincense.

A: I tend to lean to that one so much. When my fruit is bad for sure! But really in general. I call it my 'be present oil'. When I realized what it does to ground me and calm all the things instead of worrying about all the things, which is such a worldy thing.

C: Yup.

A: So do you have a specific oil you grab that is specific for prayer, worship, church? Do you load up on a bunch of oils before church?

C: Um, I don't think so. It's not like I am like ok, I'm going to church so I'm going to use these oils. BUT I know my days go better when I use Jasmine. And until I started thinking about it, I didn't know. But Jasmine is definitely my comfort oil and one I make sure I put it on every Sunday morning. It just makes me feel good.

A: right

C: It makes me feel like I can be me. and when I am standing in church during worship, I want to just be me. I feel like I am completely alone with God and no one else is there. Me and the words. It helps me just do what I need to do to grow closer to God in those moments.

A: That's interesting, I never thought to use Jasmine for that. It's definitely on my wish list as I don't have it yet. I think back to the live video you did quite a while back I know I grab other oils that I didn't grab before. I love this about oily relationships, that we can constantly learn from each other. Jasmine's been on my list a long time as I love it in the Purpose Roller or other known as the Worthy Roller.

C: Think about those 2 words, those names. The meaning behind them.

A: Exactly.

A: Ok, so say you were having a group of people over for bible study or fellowship time. What oils would you put in your diffuser?

C: I'm actually starting a bible study in my home in February. I've been thinking about what oils to diffuse or have on the table to help people feel comfortable and help them be closer to God. So I'm debating and I might just do both, Oola Faith and Joy. Because I want people to feel happy and I want them to grow close to God. And I'm debating having some oils out on the table as we watch a video and go through things. I am thinking I may pass around valor. My plan is to explain that I want them to feel as centered as absolutely possible as they are sitting their sharing about life that they can feel God is right there.

A: I love that. When I think of valor, I immediately think of how the bible says "a man of valor" and what do you think of. It's immediately a man of courage. I love that. Help them get to the courageous place to be vulnerable enough to share, connect & grow closer to God. The relationships that can come from that is so beautiful. I love that you will have valor out.

C: And this study is about marriage. It will be about how husbands and wives think differently and I want them to be prepared to hear things about each other, how God wired us differently, what we will learn. I love how valor just encourages confidence. And who knows, I may just switch it up every week.

A: I'll never forget the story of Valor. I got to hear Gary speak at convention in 2015 and he said that one night before court he closed his eyes, said "Lord what do I need?" and reached out and grabbed some oils. The oils that ended up in his hand, ended up in his bath that night and on him the next day. These oils were what ended up in the original Valor. I love this. It was a moment of asking God for this.

C: Yes. there are so many times I am not sure what I need and I will just take oils and throw them on my floor or bed and close my eyes and I'll just pray and ask God to guide me to the oils that will help me. He created these plants that make these oils. I tell people in my team to do this with their little because their babies will crawl to what they need. Just pray and ask God what you need.

A: Yes. I love having Orion ask for oils which is so different from the girls. Lately he fights them sometimes which is so different.

C: Well and it's so important that oils are used during willing and happy times because with how oils work and correlate with memories. A smell and a memory will always go together. I always make sure to tell people that when they start a new oil, to start it on a good day.

A: mhmmm in my world that's not always possible with meltdowns and hard things because the oils are a must in those heavy moments.

C: Then it's all about how you put those oils on and how you approach them in their meltdown. Even though inside we may be feeling the "I want to ducktape you to a wall right now" LOL we approach them with calm control.

A: LOL Ducktape them to a wall, I think that is really calm compared to how parents feel sometimes LOL.

C: I know right.

A: If you could tell our readers today anything that could encourage them on their faith journey and using oils on their journey, what would it be?

C: I guess it would be to really embrace why we have oils in our hands. God put these plants on this earth. He gave Gary the knowledge and understanding of how to keep them pure for us. To embrace them and start feeling what is pouring out of the bottle. Sometimes hen I wait for a drop of oil to come out I think of God's love coming out. Sometimes it takes longer to feel it, just like God's love, it's up to us to accept it. Really just embrace every drop of oil that comes out of the bottle. Just embrace it.

A: Yes, I love that.

As I listened to this interview recording, I got so much out of it for myself again, about walking with Jesus, life and oils! I sure hope you did too!

Much love to you all!

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