Essential Oils for Labor & Delivery - What I diffused

Hey friends! These posts will be short and sweet for you. My hope is to cover 1 oil or 1 recipe that I used during my labor and delivery with my last baby.

So, just a little backstory. Both of my girls were born in the hospital and delivered by my OBGyn. She was phenomenal and supported me beautifully. I did not have any pain meds with either of my girls and I have beautiful memories from both of their births. I am so grateful I had a supportive doctor, great praying friends, and so much love.

Fast forward 10 years, we are oily and we are having another baby. This time a boy and this time our only planned child. That's another story for another day. My OB was no longer at our clinic, my best friend was no longer delivering babies, and so we chose a homebirth. Which to be honest, if Chad would have been on board back when we were having the girls, we would have done then too. We are done having babies (unless God says otherwise) but a homebirth was definitely our best experience. I'll share that story on why, in the future.

I used oils and oily supplements to maintain good health my entire pregnancy and then utilized during my labor. And that my friends, is what I am going to share in this mini-series. Today it's what diffused from start to finish.

On Friday morning I woke up and called my boss and told him I thought I'd be having my baby and would not be in. I then called my sister to see if she could come as I didn't want to be home alone. From there I got all my oils ready on my hope chest next to my rocking chair. For some reason I felt the need to diffuse Lavender and White Angelica, 2 oils I absolutely love and use often. The blend smelled amazing.

Lavender has over 1000 uses friends! Isn't that crazy! It is most commonly used for being a very calming and relaxing oil. I for sure wanted my environment to be that!

White Angelica is known for promoting a positive atmosphere that encourages feelings of security. Um Yes Please! I'll take that!

I really believe God had His hand in guiding me to put these 2 oils in my diffuser together for birthing my son.

I noticed after hours of labor, I was in labor for approximately 30 hours friends... that whenever I began to get snippy and short with those around me that the diffuser had stopped. And I was blessed, I was only surrounded by people I knew and loved since I was at home. My sister would quickly refill it per my request.

Aromatherapy friends is amazing. When we smell essential oils it stimulates your limbic system in your brain - as in your emotional brain. So diffusing pure essential oils is amazing for maintaining healthy emotions.

Well, I'll leave you with that friends.

Oh, and if your curious how to get started with essential oils, click here for a bit more info:

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Much Love



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