Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Sometimes we forget how much we love people. UNTIL – we don’t get to be with them. It’s like taking advantage of their presence. It’s the norm. It’s comfortable. THEN you go away for 6 days and realize how hard it is to be away from those you love.

I was just away from home at Young Living’s amazing convention. I learned so much and had some amazing realizations on where God is leading me and my family. These realizations continue as I recap with my husband.

My kids jumped for joy and were so super excited to have me home but they have also readjusted quite quickly to me being here again. They got their hugs, their gifts, their quality time and now they are back to running rampant with their friends in the sprinklers.

Now, my husband on the other hand is a different story. It’s like we couldn’t talk enough. He’s been looking at pictures, watching videos, chatting dreams, snuggling on the couch with me and hugging me every chance he gets. I have heard the words, “I missed you” so many times that I am wowed. Each time he hugs me he says in a silly voice “Mine!” Now if you know my husband you will understand how cute this is. It makes me giggle every time. I haven’t felt so cherished in a really long time. The best part is seeing how much our dreams connect!

THIS – excites me! To know that not only does he support me but he is living the life with me. That the business he dreams to have someday falls right in line with the chemical free life I have been changing us over to. My favorite part is that we are talking about and supporting how we will help others live lives that are full of wellness; that are chemical free; and are abundant through both our dreams! Loving the alignment.

Marriage is hard for sure. When you begin to find partnership in marriage, that’s a blessing. God has given me this crazy man for a reason and I am so excited to see where he and I go with the dreams before us!

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