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Coaching with Faith & Grace

A Life Coach?


People pay for that?

That's so cool!

I get so many types of responses when people ask me what I do.

Hey! I'm Amanda and I love to help people, specifically women (I am one) grow with grace on this journey called life. You see in today's world where the pressure to do all the things just right is so high we tend to not give ourselves or others grace very well. We also tend to become complacent just survive from day to day. Yet Jesus gave us the most incredible grace and He instructed us to always be working towards becoming more like Him every single day.

First I better give this disclaimer:






So today, I thought I'd share with you WHAT a Life Coach is & how I approach it. Oh! And I wouldn't be brave if I didn't tell you how you can take advantage of my coaching!

Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a coach and a client. A coach partners with clients in a creative, thought provoking process which inspires the client to make the most of their personal and professional potential. This is a process and the coach is there to hold them accountable and challenge them to step outside their box. Coaching is all about facilitating and structuring a person's development spiritually, personally, and professionally. All in all, each of those areas go hand in hand. The opportunity for success truly depends on the client doing the work in between sessions to create stronger habits.

My responsibility as a coach is to help a client discover & clarify what goals they want to achieve. These goals are so different for each and every person. I encourage self discovery as well as challenge each client to look for solutions and strategies to overcome any obstacles in their life. I do this by asking lots of questions, making suggestions, and more. Finally I hold them accountable. This can be the hardest part because I have to be direct and expose client excuses or make them dig into the why of everything. Whether they are ready for this or not, it make sessions vulnerable and even emotional.

Coaching is NOT counseling or therapy. This must be clear. Each person who decides to hire a coach must be emotionally and psychologically healthy. Coaching is for people who are ready to make change in their life.

The opportunity for success truly depends on the client doing the work in between sessions to create stronger habits.

I'd love to share with you a few things clients have had to say after working with me.

Amanda is an amazing coach! She taught me that with a few simple changes to your daily life you can change your entire perspective in a very positive way!! If I could give Amanda 10☆ I would!! ~ Teri

Amanda has been coaching me bi-monthly since May. She has helped me sort through what is most important in my life to help me be more present with my family. Just recently my husband and I did a coaching call with her which brought about great positive discussion about both of our dreams! The next step is working through what does this look like as my business continues to grow moving forward!!! Thank you, Amanda!!! ~ Jenny

I did a 12 week coaching session with Amanda then continued on a bimonthly and monthly basis for a few months after. It changed my business and my life. I was able to get ALL THE THINGS in my brain out and give them direction AND..have accountability. ~ Destiny

I did 2-12 week coaching sessions with Amanda and it changed my life! She is a great coach who helped me improve every area of my life! ~ Emily

Not only was Amanda's coaching so helpful in my personal growth, but it was such an encouragement in my daily walk with God and in helping me find balance within my life. I am so thankful for my time with Amanda. She truly offered me value beyond what I expected I'd receive. ~ Mallory

When I worked with Amanda I was aware of the difference in all the things were within me, but I was at a place where I felt so overwhelmed it paralyzed me a bit. Having someone who held me accountable with touch but gentle love was just what I needed. Working with her was some of the best money I have spent. ~ Destiny

I have known Amanda about three and a half years. I've been blessed beyond measure through my experiences with her. As my Life Coach and friend she has encouraged and inspired me to be my best self throughout a treacherous leg of my personal growth and emotional and spiritual healing journey. ~ Laura

I don't really think I do much because I enjoy what I do so very much. Then I read these and I am in such awe. I am so grateful to God and how he works through me. It's all Him. I didn't talk about my faith being a part of my coaching when I first started, but now I want you to know it's a big part of what I do. You see God gives us all we need in His Word. All the instructions are right there.

So what does a session look like? It's different with each person. The first 2 sessions are different from all the rest because we are getting to know each other, setting goals, creating action plans, and learning about what they need to keep them on track. After that, sessions involved discussing the week, follow through, successes, what obstacles that came up, and how to overcome them. We also chat about where they are rating themselves according to the measurements they gave themselves. This is important as it helps them know if they are on track or not. Between sessions often times there will connections made through email, messenging, or sometimes a brief phone call to work through a challenge. My favorite part is hearing how the changes they are making are truly affecting their day to day life.

Are you curious if coaching is for you?

Maybe you know you want to do this but you need to know the financial end of it?

Just want to talk about it more in depth?

Well, then it's time to schedule a 30 minute consultation - this is free by the way.

Pop me an email here: to receive available times to schedule your consultation today.

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