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Hey there!

My name is Amanda & I love Jesus! 

I am a wife, & work at home homeschooling mama.  I have 2 teenage girls, a busy little boy & and an adult bonus boy. 

More than anything I want to share the love, joy, hope, & freedom Jesus brings me with others.  I know God has called me to encourage other mamas to run their race with endurance all while creating harmony in their life.    To do this I offer faith-inspired life coaching while integrating fitness & nutrition. 

Some random things about me:

Cooking & Baking bring joy & are wonderful stress relievers for me. 

I hardly ever follow the recipe.

My husband and I cook best together.

I love to read and study God's Word and share what I learn.

I started homeschooling my teenagers in January of 2019. Have mercy, this is hard.

Health & Fitness is huge on my list!

I am one of the crazies that truly enjoy working out.

This is my best stress reliever next to Jesus

My husband pushes me to live outside the box every single day. 

He can fix & do just about anything. He is my very quirky introvert. 

As a family, we have worked incredibly hard to embrace the hard that gets thrown at us all while loving fiercely. 


I really enjoy personality tests. I love getting to know how we as people work and where we are gifted. Yet I know our personality traits do not define us, Christ defines us.


And Finally - I love building relationships & would love to get to know you!

I'd love to walk you through a journey of Nurturing yourself well so that you can honor God & those around you with all you do. 

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