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Again, Welcome! I am so glad you are here!  


I am a daughter of the One True King. My complete desire is to share God's love through my experiences and my stories and I want nothing more than to be His messenger. I am a surrendering perfectionist learning all about grace. I have a passion for empowering other women to release the idea of worldly perfection so they can embrace freedom through God’s truth, love, and grace. God is constantly teaching me about this. He does this by showing me over and over that His plan is better than mine. That I do not get to be in control, It's all about surrender.


My idea of the perfect life has been flipped upside down over and over again. I expected marriage and motherhood to look a certain way but it turned out to be completely different. Learning how to be married to a man on the spectrum let alone the mother to kids outside the box the world sets for them, has been so incredibly hard. The best part is that God continues to teach me all about grace. 


In 2013 God showed me that my calling as a mama and a woman was different than I thought. "You will tell people about me." Is what I kept hearing. Then I experienced a teenage meltdown I never dreamed of. From there the Lord gave me an avenue where He lets me share my stories and most of all my love for Him all the time.


We had been on a natural wellness journey for years, but we were looking for something that would help with all the hard emotional things that come along with a spectrum family. A friend of mine blessed me and shared with me how cedarwood and lavender could be calming to the mind. Since that day, we have never looked back. It has given us great tools for managing meltdowns, sensory overloads, and more. 


God remembered my forgotten dreams and I am now home with my kids.  It has been so hard, but so good. The perfectionist in me has often struggled with the expectations I have for myself and others. AND we are always the messiest in our safe place - our home. God is teaching me so much about grace through motherhood, homeschooling, and just life. I am grateful I have tools at my fingertips.  I am grateful for His unconditional love and that no matter how many times I mess up, He still loves me.  



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